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At FIRST AUDITIONS!, Brandon is a tough muscular bodybuilder who has tried out to become a fitness model and wants to branch out into making porn films. If we saw this big masculine stud pumping iron at the gym we wouldn’t dare ask him if he would let a man fuck him, but here in the audition room the casting director can do whatever it takes to convince him to suck dick and get his hard pert ass played with. Out of his element, he grows embarrassed and finds it intimidating presenting his cock and asshole for the director to inspect. Normally he’s the one in charge, but here the casting director has complete control of his body.


Gay male porn auditions. Philip

Heterosexual Philip wants to make a lot of money and experiment with kinky sex on the side since he’s been with his girlfriend a long time. It’s a turn on watching this cute goofy straight guy being led through the interview, encouraging him to test his limits and getting him to pose his naked body exactly how we want to see it. He may not have smarts but his slim body looks hot as he’s stroking his big hard cock to give his first ever cum shot on camera.

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Patrick has been waiting for this day for a long time. He’s had the natural instinct to become a porn star all his life and he’s been waiting for the day he turns 18 so he can do it legally. Now he’s of age he’s taking this first step to making that dream come true. He’s full of enthusiasm and nerves, excited but also terrified to be completely exposed in front of a stranger for the first time. With his bright blue eyes and pouty pink lips this boy is aching to experience all the filthy sexual encounters he’s only been able to dream about up until this point.


Straight boys for gay boys. 19 yers old fireman

26 years old, Fireman, United Kingdom at FIRST AUDITIONS!


Tight untouched asshole and a big luscious dick

Inexperienced young-looking Corey has a cheeky smile, a tight untouched asshole and a big luscious dick. This sporty straight guy went semi-pro playing football and his toned smooth body shows it. He’s eager to become a porn star to explore his filthy sexual fantasies.

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Spin them the right line and they can't get their pants off quickly enough! I'll tell them any shit to get my hands on their untouched holes. Even brothers like these two!

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First auditions. Gorgeous Greg.

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Gorgeous Greg was grinning from ear to ear when he first turned up. We knew how to wipe that smile off his face though. Stripped, roughly groped, fucked with a dildo and wanked off. He certainly wasn't smiling by the end!

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Real life marines, soldiers, airforce pilots and navy
The fittest fighting men examined in breathtaking detail. Better than any army physical.

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Ruddy faced ‘choirboy’

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Don't worry, this cherub is over 18. But who would've thought I could talk all his clothes off him and get him to furiously pull his rock hard dick and make those young full balls bounce on camera!.

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These handsome lunkheads look pissed off when ordered to show their arseholes. They know full well that dirty men like me will get off on imagining fucking the living daylights out of them. But if they refuse to show it they are thrown out the door with no chance of becoming a porn star. That's the way it is.

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